United Nations / NGOs & Southern Africa

Dimitris Klonis is Area Manager in International Sales Department of DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry. He is responsible for monitoring the sales and expanding DEMO S.A. presence in the Middle East and Africa regions and the United Nations and NGO’s markets as well. He holds a Master’s of Science Degree (MSc) in Regional and Economic Development and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree (BSc) in Economics.

Dimitris started his career in Arthur Andersen Certified Auditors – Business Consultants S.A. where he participated in a variety of audit and consultancy projects. In 2002, he joined DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry as an Area Manager, initially for the Middle East region and then for various others international markets, where DEMO S.A. was active. During the last ten years, Dimitris is specialized, apart from the Southern African markets, in the UN and NGO’s markets and the participation in large international tenders.